A custom tour for people who don’t know the city, huh?

We get it! You don’t know Gothenburg, you have no idea what to do here. You didn’t choose this stop on your cruise’s itinerary. You didn’t pick this city for your conference. Or you DID choose Gothenburg because your travel magazine said we’re “hipp” or because your foodie website said we’re great for fine dining.

Did we say “We get it?”

Gothenburg, Nebraska. If you end up here, you're not here. That's for sure!

Photo credit: Lucy Gray, CC 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)
Gothenburg, Nebraska. If you end up here, you’re not here. That’s for sure!
Photo credit: Lucy Gray, CC 2.0

We do, we really do. Because we are avid travelers, too, and we sometimes end up in cities we don’t know, where we wonder “What’s to see?”, “What are the must-sees?”, “What are the tourist traps?” When we say that our tours are 100% customized that doesn’t mean that no two travelers will ever see the same thing. There is, after all, only ONE Gothenburg.

No offense, Nebraska. However, we DO have a lot to offer even if we’re not as famous as London or New York. There is a lot to see, and a tour can be based around many different topics.

So what does “100% customized” actually mean?

Let’s assume you’re into architecture. Wouldn’t you love to see the quirky architectural marvels and mishaps (both a matter of taste, of course) we have to offer? If you’re more into what is going on here in the economy, we’d be happy to tell you all about our automotive industry, and how we are at the forefront of e.g. autonomous driving research. Or we can talk about life sciences, etc. A custom tour makes sure to show you things you’re passionate about. Beyond the must-sees. Around the must-sees.

Unless you’ve already seen them, you still get to see our must-sees. Most of our guests stay downtown within walking distance of many of our humble sights. We will not drag you past them again if you’ve already seen them. We can still tell you about it, give background, history, whatever, but it’s based on you, and what you’ve done. Also, if you don’t like history, why would we spend a lot of time telling you about it?

A custom tour won’t change the sights, it’ll shape how you experience them!

Gothenburg Harbor with Karlatower in the background, the tallest skyscraper in the Nordics.

We can take you to places off the rack tours won’t go. Let’s say you’re into rock carvings and the Stone Age. We can take you to places no bus can get to, even if they’d want to. Say your hobby is really, really unusual. Did we tell you about the client who wanted to buy a Swedish Christmas Troll in the middle of summer? We took them to the apartment building where the husband and wife team made them so they could pick out the one for them. Probably a one-off, but for a happy client, that’s what we do. They still saw the Fish Church, the various statues, Haga, and everything else.

A custom tour is all about making sure you get the best possible experience and lots of lovely memories from your visit to Gothenburg! Simply tell us how much time you have to spend with us and what your interests (and dislikes) are. We’ll make sure you get to spend a great time in our care.

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