Restarting tourism, responsibly

The past two years have been unreal for all of us in the tourism industry. The pandemic has reduced global travel to virtually nothing, and almost overnight, all bookings disappeared. We were no exception. And to be honest, we don’t really know how long it is going to take for things to recover, for people to start traveling again; to discover new places, learn new things. Restarting tourism is important for the livelihood of many, but it’s challenging.

Plenty of risks left

Styrsö Halsvik

Yes, we are thinking about the war in Ukraine, and the fallout not just for the people directly affected by Russian war atrocities. What are the economic consequences for the rest of the world? What happens to fuel prices will impact prices for airfare, buses & taxis. It will also impact food prices. Then there are the environmental consequences of climate change to be considered. How will this impact the recovery of travel? Finally, how long will the fear of the pandemic keep people from moving freely? There are no definitive answers to all of this.

We are ready, and we are planning

After every sunset, there will be another day dawning!

We are ready to welcome you back to Gothenburg, transporting small groups in our Tesla 3, safely and without impacting the climate negatively. We also work with our partners to make sure your visit to Gothenburg is safe, and we focus more and more on natural sights.

Sadly, there’s not much we can do to impact the world around us, apart from our personal engagement in supporting friends in need. We also donate to worthy causes, like the International Red Cross et al.

Travel is all about meeting people

We have always believed that travel connects people, builds bridges. It is a conviction strongly embedded in everything we do. It is through those meetings we learn about the human condition, what unites us across the planet, rather than what divides us. And we look forward to welcoming you to our city and region to show you the natural beauty of our land, the culinary and cultural delights, and the friendliness of Sweden. Meanwhile, why not follow our new Instagram account, and be inspired by some of the photos we have taken throughout the years?

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